1994: beginning of R&D activities on intelligent maintenance concept

1995: development of the first intelligent maintenance system

1997: development of the first autonomous maintenance system

1998: first industrial implementations of the remote maintenance system / real-time and remote diagnostic of 3 hydroelectric power plants in Portugal, Spain and Norway

1999: fist implementation of the diagnostic support system using web technologies. Collaboration with the world-wide purifier leader in the pharmaceutical industry.


Our company was founded 14 years ago in 1999 by 7 partners.

Some members participated from 1993 to 1998 to the development of remote maintenance solution for the hydroelectric power plants for a renowned IT company.

Predict SARL was developed in 2001 via an increase of the financial capital and a change of status (S.A.S.). The Predict S.A.S. shareholder was built on 2 counsels. The founder council is constituted by the 3 shareholders. The other is constituted by 3 managers of industrial companies.

Jean-Baptiste LEGER is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the major shareholder with 53,48% of stocks.

David MOREL is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO). J-B Léger has been for 3 years an active member of the AFNOR working group. He has contributed  to the definition of new maintenance standards.