CASIP : Computer Aided Safety and Industrial Productivity

Since 1999, Predict has developped the CASIP solution (Computer Aided Safety and Industrial Productivity). This solution has won awards in the French national contest of “Création d’Entreprise de Technologie Innovantes” (Company Start-up and Innovative Technologies) in 1999 and 2000.

CASIP is a  real-time solution for proactive maintenance mainly embedded. It processes real-time data for Condition Monitoring. CASIP allows getting continuous data, elaborating variables and symptoms via the real-time algorithms.

The CASIP platform includes the following features:

  • data acquisition on the OPC servers.
  • acquisition and writing on the ODBC and OLEDB source data (data bases, Excel, text file…).
  • manual entry data acquisition.
  • monitoring algorithms execution.
  • fault localization.
  • fault detection.
  • alarms warning and management.
  • displaying real time and recorded data